The Walking Dead Receiving Blanket 2 Pack

October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized by Kerri Darling

Happy Halloween Everyone!

What better day to post my new Walking Dead receiving blanket two pack?
Walking Dead Receiving Blanket

This two pack comes with one Walking Dead print receiving blanket in red contrast stitching, with a matching black blanket in red contrast stitching.

All of my receiving blankets are 100% cotton flannel, and 40in by 40in – about 50% larger than the storebought versions.


I used to work night shift at a hospital, it was one of those nights when we had a particularly low census that I started reading The Walking Dead. If you’re unfamiliar with the comics or the tv show, it starts off with main character waking up in a hospital with no idea about the zombie apocalypse going on around him. Totally creepy to read that at night.






Perfect for swaddling, sun covers, burp rags, nursing covers, or for wrapping up toddlers.

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