TNBC – Sally Nursery Letters

March 7, 2012 in decor by Kerri Darling



There is a woman on Etsy who paints beautiful nursery letters. Originally we had planned on getting some from her, but as we got around to working on our nursery it no longer fit in our budget. After some convincing from my cousin I decided to paint the letters myself. After trying out a couple of designs, I decided to go with the pattern on Sally’s dress. It’s fun, colorful, and perfect for a little girl’s room.


I ordered the letters from Craft Cuts, they have a bunch of fonts to choose from, and you can preview your letters in the font of your choice.


After the primer had dried, i applied the base colors to form the patches.


Next, I painted on the details of each patch.


Afterwards, I used black puff paint to make the stitches.


Here are the finished letters along with the Sally costume that I based the design off of.


Hanging up in my daughter’s room with her Sally plush.


I love how they look with the purple and black walls