I’m back!

October 23, 2014 in Uncategorized by Kerri Darling

I did not actually fall off the side of the planet, it just seemed that way.

When I was gone from here I attended school year round while pregnant with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. That’s the proper term for having awful, feel-like-you’re-going-to-die all day morning sickness for an entire pregnancy. Daughter #2 was born last December, and I love her to pieces.

Being a mom to two little girls 3 and under while going to school is pretty time-consuming, but I love being able to kick back with some sewing whenever I get a chance.

So, i’m going to do a post covering some of the things i’ve sewed/made this past year.

I’m happy to be back, and i’m ready to post what i’m currently working on.

Some of the items i’ll be posting on here will be going up in my etsy shop, so keep your eyes peeled!