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Hi! My name is Kerri. I’m a full-time mom to two sweet little girls (a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old), and i’m going to school to become a nurse.

When my first little girl was born I was bummed at the lack of fun clothes and accessories that were available for kids. I started off by painting some Nightmare Before Christmas decorations for her room, then I moved on to painting onesies, dresses, and t-shirts. From there I started sewing boppy covers, blankets, taggie blankets, soft toys, booties, newborn hats, hair bows, and toddler shirts and dresses.
2 years after D was born I had her little sister S, and being able to paint anymore clothing was off the table as all items had to be painted in one sitting. While I miss that, it’s been fun using my sewing machine and serger more often!

I prefer making items for babies and kids; I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about little clothes and blankets that’s just SO adorable. My favorite thing that I made for my older daughter D was a Doctor Who dress. The top was made out of a licensed Doctor Who t-shirt, and the bottom was black and blue tulle netting. She wore it to go meet the Doctor, when we met Matt Smith at a comic con. It was awesome, he picked her up and gave her a hug.



My favorite thing that I made for little daughter S is her baby blanket. When D was a baby I found a fabric online that I absolutely fell in love with. When I went back to ebay to order it, it was gone. As the months went by and I would look for it, I found out that it was an Alexander Henry print that was out of production. Determined, I kept looking just in case someone found some stray yards they wanted to sell. As luck would have it, I was able to find some while I was pregnant with S. It has the awesome print on one side, super soft minky on the other, and both girls love cuddling with it. I was so happy to have it with me when I went to the hospital so I could wrap up my little newborn in it. She was born during a super cold winter so it was great having something nice and warm to cuddle her in.


When i’m not sewing, at school, or doing the everyday mom stuff i’m usually playing video games with the man. If you’ve ever played on xbox live with me I guarantee that there was at least one sleeping baby on me. I love Halloween, Doctor Who, craft beer from Pipeworks, Three Floyds, and Schmaltz breweries,

Thank you for checking everything out, if you have any questions just ask. :)